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from $18

24 Pack (per session)

Group Training - single sessions

Groups are designed to be fun and motivating and are tailored to suit all ages and abilities.


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from $45

30 min, 24 Pack (per session)

Private Training- 1 on 1

1 on 1 training is all about YOU
and the outcome YOU desire.


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from $45

60 mins - 24 Pack (per session)

Private Training - 2 on 1 - 60 mins

You receive all of the benefits of one-on-one training, while sharing the costs with a buddy or family member!


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$50 per week


Group training is a fantastic way to achieve great frequency and regularity with your training in a very cost effective way. Groups are designed to be fun and motivating, whilst still proving an appointment based system and the supervision and direction of a personal trainer.



Owner, 20+ years Personal Training experience

I founded Fitness Success in 2001 after a 20 year career in the Fitness and Personal Training industry. I initially got into the fitness industry through alignment with martial arts training.

My interest for training people is about taking into consideration the whole person, fitness, nutrition, health, and happiness- whatever that means to you, I’m passionate about creating pathways for you to move forward.

I love martial arts and surfing. I have been training martial arts for the last 30 years, achieving 4th Degree Black belt in Freeform and currently training for Purple belt grading in Brazilian Jujitsu. I also enjoy surfing all over Victoria, and have recently surfed the Telos Islands in Sumatra and have taken trips to Bali.

In 2014 I lead a team of 16 clients and 2 trainers on a Kokoda trek, which was challenging and rewarding for everyone involved.

I really enjoy spending time with family and relaxing anywhere warm!

My vision for the future of Fitness Success is to continue to strengthen relationships and our reputation within the allied health sector and to broaden our service delivery with Exercise Physiology and the provision of a clinical facility.

We will continue to provide a safe, welcoming, friendly environment where you are professionally supported to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.


Our Team


Personal Training, 8 years experience.

They don’t call me tough love for no reason!

Just kidding, I love working with you to help you achieve your goals and help you unlock the key to your sticking points, whether that’s injury management, nutritional advice or breaking habits that are ineffective.

I train you for your goals and will support you every step of the way.

What I love most about what I do is that it allows me to ‘pay it forward’. The better you are feeling, the more confident you feel to live your life, the more available you are to your family, friends, colleagues and so forth. I’m all about balance and living your life to the fullest.

When I’m not at work I can be found knee deep in my garden, renovating our house, walking my dogs or out and about doing something outdoors!




Exercise Physiology, Personal Training

My passion for exercise and physical activity started early in life with any sport I could get my hands on.

In early high school I spent a lot of time in and out of rehabilitation for a severe lower back injury. The positive influence of the Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists that helped me recover from my back injury motivated me to study and become an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and pay it forward.

I believe in building strong relationships with all my clients so that I can provide a service that is relevant, fun and engaging for each individual.

I am passionate about my own health and fitness and strongly encourage working the mind with the body. My own pursuits include Brazilian Jujitsu, cross country cycling and whatever else I can get my hands on.

If you would like to know how an Exercise Physiologist can help you get back to where you want to be, I would love to chat.



Pilates and Personal Training, Currently Studying Exercise Physiology

My interest in the body and how it works began when I was studying dance at the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School.

As a dancer it was important to understand how and why the body responds to movement and exercise the way it does. I was unable to continue dancing into tertiary studies due to injuries, so found my way into nursing. While working in a rehabilitation ward at Maroondah Hospital I was injured again and I chose to study more, obtaining the Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science in 2017.

During my 3 month placement at Fitness Success I noticed the inclusive and holistic nature of the team and studio environment. This resonated strongly with me and I am pleased to now be part of this amazing team. I like to incorporate Pilates with 'traditional' weight based exercises to help you achieve your individual goals. I look forward to seeing you at the studio!



Personal Training, Studied Exercise Physiology

My interest in training revolves around helping individuals help themselves.

This is my second stint at Fitness Success and it couldn’t be more enjoyable place to work and more importantly to train. My focus on training will be based around your needs and desires. Whether you need someone to hold your hand or to push you as hard as you need. Any questions feel free to ask. Look forward to seeing you at the studio!



Exercise Physiology and Personal Training

Before I could walk properly my parents had me on bikes. I grew up on them and still love to go for long rides.

That was until an injury limited my ability to ride my bike. Injuries are definitely not enjoyable, however you can learn a lot from them. Whilst I was at university, having my injuries and going through rehabilitation grew my passion for the human body and how we can incorporate exercise into helping us back to 100% health.

This lead me to further study into Exercise Physiology and my passion for utilising exercise to treat medical conditions continues to grow by the day. I especially enjoy treating sport related injuries and patients with cancer and diabetes. I love motivating and challenging other people to a healthier lifestyle that incorporates regular exercise and well balanced diet. If you would like to know more about the impact of Exercise Physiology free feel to come in a have a chat.