About us

We strive to provide help and guidance. A place where people know each other and socialise while achieving progress.

A friendly and inclusive environment

A friendly and inclusive environment

We have a very friendly and inclusive environment where most people have a lot of fun during their sessions, as well as being challenged.

For many of our clients establishing regular exercise habits is half the battle and very successful… Everyone is so busy these days, it can be very hard …..that is why everything that happens here is by appointment; that way people don’t “put it off until tomorrow”.

Great trainers and a depth of experience

Great trainers and a depth of experience

Whether it be one on one, or in a small group, there is always a personal trainer with you to motivate you and ensure that what you do is appropriate for your fitness level and goals.

Beyond that, we offer a small and comfortable environment, with great trainers and a depth of experience to help a huge range of people…we have clients aged from 7 to 77.

From people who simply wish to drop a few kilos, to those who have had triple bypass surgery or those who are driven to progress from a strong base to an elite level. Our trainers will teach you how you can achieve your goals…then motivate you to actually do it!

Achieving success since 2001

Achieving success since 2001

Fitness Success opened in 2001…(before personal training got really trendy). We opened Fitness Success after extensive experience in the “big gyms”.

We simply believed there had to be a better way to help people achieve their fitness goals, and provide a level of care that the big gyms no longer seem to have.

We strive to provide help and guidance for people to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle, and to deliberately achieve their goals.

At Fitness Success “It’s about the PEOPLE”

One on one training to help you move forward with whatever goals you choose.

Small group training with individually programmed sessions with a trainer at your side.

Corporate health programs to suit 4 to 20 participants (in studio or at your chosen venue). Childrens training, one on one or small groups.

“I want to want to exercise!!”

The main goal is to help you enjoy exercise….a great quote from one of our clients when she first started..

“I want to want to exercise!!” (This lady now looks forward to her two personal training sessions each week)

As proprietors our goal is to offer a progressive and genuine service that truly helps people improve their health, fitness and lifestyle. We believe we offer excellent value for money, and we look forward to the opportunity to help you achieve your goals!